• USD1.0842
  • JPY119.11
  • BGN1.9558
  • CZK24.828
  • DKK7.4713
  • GBP0.83208
  • HUF335.67
  • PLN4.2490
  • RON4.7684
  • SEK10.5085
  • CHF1.0641
  • ISK137.50
  • NOK10.0258
  • HRK7.4490
  • RUB68.9116
  • TRY6.5735
  • AUD1.6151
  • BRL4.6927
  • CAD1.4363
  • CNY7.5757
  • HKD8.4214
  • IDR14870.88
  • ILS3.7177
  • INR77.4660
  • KRW1283.75
  • MXN20.1606
  • MYR4.4886
  • NZD1.6864
  • PHP54.806
  • SGD1.5090
  • THB33.848
  • ZAR16.1139
Updated 14-02-2020
Promotion and public relations
We plan, initiate and sustain efforts to establish and maintain interest, mutual understanding and goodwill between organisations and governments and their specific audience. This audience may include past and present clients, pressure groups, the media, employees, shareholders, trade unions, policy-forming organisations and the general public.
We not only understand the requirements of the client but also recognise current market opportunities. This enables us to effectively promote companies and their products to the right people at the right level at the right time.
Our expert advisory capabilities also allow us to communicate external corporate and financial information effectively in times of promotion and crisis.